I often speak with people who have purchased a dog for personal protection or for protection around the home. I often find that they have selected the wrong breed or temperament for a protection dog. The first thing that you should look at when purchasing a protection dog is the breed. Yorkshire Terriers and Shih-tzu’s do not generally make good personal protection prospects. Common breeds for good personal protection dogs are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Giant Schnauzers, Tervurens, Groenendaels, and some bully breeds. I am not saying that a breed not previously listed could not be trained as a suitable protection dog. What I am saying is that the breed should definitely be taken into consideration.

A good protection dog should possess the appropriate drives for the work. They should also have the proper temperament and social skills to be a good protection dog. In order to properly select a dog for personal protection, you should have some understanding of these basic drives and temperament traits.

Many people want to purchase puppies for personal protection dogs. Their philosophy is that the dog should grow up in their home in order to be able to accept their family and live well there. This idea is generally not the best way to go. First of all, You never know what a puppy will end up like as an adult. They can often show nice drives and temperament as a puppy and things can quickly change. Secondly, If you purchase a pup for a protection dog, it wil be at least one year before the dog is capable of performing at all.

For those who are serious about making a commitment to their safety and are considering a personal protection dog, I would highly recommend purchasing a pre trained adult. By purchasing an adult, you can see what the dog is like in it’s true form. There is no guesswork about what it will be like when it grows up. You also get a dog that is fully functional and can perform for you almost immediately. If the dog has been selected for the proper temperament by the trainer/handler, making the transition to you home should be quick and effortless.

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